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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mr. William Peppe reviled Mahua Dabar in his own words.

It was not only Mahua Dabar Razed to the ground by William Peppe, He also burned and razed two more villages.
Mr Peppe, an estate manager and indigo planter in Gorakhpur, provided information about his own participation in the destruction of villages linked to the rebels, in order to strengthen his claim to acquisition of new zamindari status. One of his statements read: ‘on 26th June I attacked the village of Sauseepore, and destroyed it by fire… On 3rd July I destroyed the large village of Mowah Dabur … a few days after this I went and burned down the village of Tiljah’. As a reward for his actions, he was led to expect that three villages which the rebellion had placed at the disposal of government would be leased to him.19
19 P/188/60 Theobald to Private Secy to HE Governor General, 5 July 1859, Encl Peppe to Lord Canning, 22 June 1859.

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