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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hidden Valuable of Mahua Dabar

Mahua Dabar, Bahadurpur Block Farmer has discovered ancient coins, and a flower vas while digging up in the farm.

Half Ana coins dated from 1835 released by East India Company and another coin is during Muslim period coin. Due to soil erosions the razed house roof metrials are also seen at some place in Mahua Dabar Village Farm.


  1. Of course it is a great effort of Lateef Ansari to discover Mahua Dabar, and its Historical events who were the witness of the circumstances of those times.

    I appreciate his efforts, hardworking and positive result of discovery of Mahua Dabar which was forgotten by the Indians.
    Ali Baba..Hyderabad.

  2. Congrats Lateef Ansari for your efforts and success to discover Mahua Dabar at Basti Zilla UP
    Ali baba

  3. I am Ali. Ansari
    My fader mo shatif Ansar
    My home in Bahadurpur black basti up
    So I lick mahauyadaber